The beating heart of Uganda. Kampala is a place of fascinating history and great importance to both the ancient kingdom of Buganda and modern Uganda. It is dusty, noisy, colourful, unpredictable and a little intoxicating. Sober up with a ‘Ugandan rolex’!


Entebbe is a small city of about 70,000 people located on the shore of Lake Victoria 40 km south of the Ugandan capital of Kampala. It doesn’t feel like a big, noisy, colourful African city. Instead, a sense of wild Uganda remains, with the forest and lake waters each seemingly trying to claim the space. Not quite tranquil, it is definitely pleasant.


Since peace returned to Uganda, Jinja has become the byword for African adventure sports. Here it is not so much about the wildlife. Instead, visitors are drawn to raft the wild waters of the Nile River and seek adrenaline-fueled fun enjoyed far from any gorilla.