National Parks

Bwindi Impenetrable

How do you think it felt to be the first person to see a mountain gorilla? The foliage parts on a winding forest trail to reveal 200kg of muscle, covered by a thick coat of silver and black hair, looking back at you with an endless gaze. We’ll never know, but you can experience it for yourself in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Kibale Forest

When a chimp whoops, you don’t really hear it. You feel it, somewhere deep within you. Some old part of you. Suddenly, you are no longer a detached observer; you are part of the forest world. Welcome to Kibale National Park.

Kidepo Valley

Some people are just not happy being in the middle of things. They prefer the edge. They are frontier people. In Africa, that means searching out the wide grass plains, broken only by distant, soft, blue mountains. Gazing at distant horizons punctuated by the smudge of scattered buffalo, not the ant-crawl of so many safari vehicles. In Uganda, that means Kidepo Valley National Park.

Lake Mburo

When on safari, it is the nice, unexpected, surprises that you remember the longest. Lake Mburo National Park is one of Uganda’s most surprising national parks - in a good way. Often dropped into an itinerary to break the journey from Bwindi, time and time again the natural beauty and swiftly improving wildlife of Mburo proves to be a wonderful trip highlight.

Mgahinga Gorilla

Down on the border with Rwanda rises a chain of volcanoes, whose slopes, forest-clad, host golden monkeys and mountain gorillas. There are few visitors to enjoy the view, but those who make it, climbing to the higher reaches, are rewarded with a glimpse into the very heart of a country. The volcanoes are collectively known as the Virungas. The place to visit is Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Murchison Falls

The fall of water was snow white, which had a superb effect as it contrasted with the dark cliffs that walled the water, while the graceful palms of the tropics and wild plantains perfected the beauty of the view. This was the greatest waterfall of the Nile..” Wrote the explorer Samuel Baker in 1864. In the 150 years that have passed, the view has remained as impressive and now the wildlife levels in the surrounding national park are recovering well after the depredations of the 1970s and ‘80s, securing the Park’s reputation as one of Uganda’s most popular destinations.

Queen Elizabeth

The most biodiverse location in Uganda. A beautiful, fascinating, combination of forests, grasslands and waterscapes, Queen Elizabeth National Park is a complex savannah destination that works well both as part of an extended safari combined with gorilla and chimpanzee treks or as a short getaway from Kampala.

Rwenzori Mountains

If you were given the chance to trek through lush jungle, driven on by the thought of snow capped peaks; to pick your way through a lunar landscape coloured by plants seemingly taken from a child’s imagination;  or ice climb to see the curvature of the earth as it meets the heart of Africa - would you take it?

Semliki Valley

There is something wonderful about sensing a country change, finding your way through yet another of the Earth’s folds down into a different world, subtly different from the one left behind.