Places to Stay

Northeast Escarpment: The Escarpment to the north east of the park provides panoramic views of the grassland across to Lake George and easy access to the Kasenyi Plains; it is home to Elephant Plains Lodge, one of the newest properties in the Park.

Mweya Peninsula: The Mweya Peninsula juts into the Kazinga Channel. The views from here are epic as the distant grasslands seem to merge into the lakes stretching beyond. Mweya Safari Lodge occupies prime position here. A large hotel, it is a heritage property that began life as a government property over 30 years ago. A stay here is not as intimate as at other smaller properties, but you can’t beat the central location. Perfect for access to Kazinga Channel boat trips.

Rift Valley Escarpment: The Rift Valley Escarpment extends to the south east of the park. There, on a ridge rising dramatically above the plains, 16km from the Katunguru Gate of the Park, you will find a number of other small lodges all situated to take advantage of the views and the wonderful sunsets. Katara Lodge is one of our favourites here.

Kyambura Gorge: The ridge leads round to Kyambura Gorge, a natural rent in the otherwise flat plains, cut by water and thickly forested. The elegant Kyambura Gorge Lodge is the closest property to the Gorge and so is perfectly located to provide a luxurious base for chimp trekking, plus game drives and boat safaris in the heart of the Park.

Ishasha Sector: Finally, in the south west of the Park, the Ishasha sector is the place for those who value the wilderness experience. Although new lodges are being constructed, it is still the quietest area where the human footprint is slight. The established favourite here is Ishasha Wilderness Camp, a superbly comfortable, subtly developed, camp on the banks of the Ishasha River, the natural border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Places to Stay in Queen Elizabeth National Park