What is Luxury in Uganda?

Luxury accommodation: Uganda's luxury lodges are set amongst extraordinary landscapes. Beautiful design only adds to the existing charm of these properties, the service is exceptional and they manage to leave an impression on even the most intrepid traveller without taking themselves too seriously. 

Itineraries tailored to you: Luxury adventures in Uganda can take you to the far corners of the country. You can include all of the highlights whilst also getting off the beaten path to gain a much richer understanding of Uganda and what is has to offer. This might be a longer itinerary that covers more destinations, or a Gorilla habituation experience instead of a classic Gorilla trek. Everything can be designed to match your interests and travel preferences, accentuating what you love whilst avoiding any of your travelling pet peeves. 

Tented Camps and Glamping: Uganda has some of the most stunning scenery anywhere in the world and in recent years property developers have started to take notice. There are now a range of tented camps and glamping options available, with stunning backdrops and gorgeous designs, they capture the essence of what it means to travel in Uganda: incredible natural beauty and charming hospitality. 

Charter aircraft: Depending on your budget and travel requirements, you can choose to traverse the country via charter light aircraft. This gives you unfettered access to the entire country and you don't have to compromise convenience to cover lots of ground. 

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Luxury Trips in Uganda

Creating a luxury itinerary means pairing the right accommodation options with the right transport, services, and destinations. The adventures below showcase just some of what's possible in Uganda, and we can tweak, tune, and tailor any trip so that it matches your definition of luxury travel.

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