Waterfalls in Uganda, at a Glance

Below are some of Uganda's most spectacular waterfalls, many of which are located too and from major attractions, so make a great picnic spot if you fancy a short break on your journey.

Alternatively, make a day of it and combine your visit to the falls with boat safaris, swimming, rock climbing, hiking, zip lining, white water rafting or kayaking.

Many of the waterfalls appear in local legends and can be a great way to learn about Ugandan culture and storytelling. 

Waterfalls in Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park Itineraries

Murchison Falls

The Victoria Nile bursts through a narrow 43 m long gorge before it plunges into a tumultuous foamy pool at the bottom, a truly magnificent sight.

Situated in the north-west, between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert, in Uganda's largest national park, Murchison Falls is a force of nature and Uganda's most visited waterfall.

The best way to view Murchison Falls is with either a boat cruise or a guided hike. As you approach the falls via boat, you can feel the power of the waterfall building as you approach. 

Sipi Falls

On the slopes of Mount Elgon lies three beautiful cascading waterfalls.

The falls are named after the Sep, a medicinal wild banana tree indigenous to northern Uganda.

The falls are situated at an altitude of 1,775 m and range from 65 to 100 m in height.

You can head out on a guided hike along the Sipi River through local communities, farmland and over the rocky foothills to see each of the three falls.

If you wish to visit all three falls, the round-trip takes approximately three hours and can be quite challenging. However, the surrounding area's natural beauty and the opportunity to stand behind the falls make it worth your while.

Alternatively, the most popular trail is only 20 minutes to the base of one of the falls from the post office in Sipi town.

Make sure to pack your swimming costumes, as the final waterfall plunge pool at the bottom of the 100m falls is fantastic for a cooling swim. 

Waterfalls in Uganda

Sipi Falls

Aruu Falls

Despite being one of Uganda's lesser-known waterfalls, the beautiful rocky Aruu Falls is a worthwhile stop if you're travelling between Kidepo Valley and Murchison Falls national parks.

Just four and a half kilometres off the Pader-Kitgum highway, stop here to take in the breathtaking scenery and for a picnic lunch.

If you are not in a hurry, spend the day here and go rock climbing, swimming, or on a guided nature or community walk.

However, beware the rocks can be very slippery due to the water, so take extra care. 

Ssezibwa Falls

Situated just 32 km east of Kampala on the way to Jinja, the striking Ssezibwa falls are a fantastic place to learn more about Ugandan myths and legends.

Surrounded by lush green forest and characterised by sharp jutting rocks, the 17 m high falls is located between Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga, in the Ssezibwa river.

The local Baganda people believe that the falls were born of a human woman hundreds of years ago, who, instead of having twins, gave birth to two rivers, the Ssezibwa and the Bwanda. 

Today, the falls are thought to have supernatural powers, and many natives still visit in the hope of gaining blessings, wealth and love.

Itanda Falls

The Itanda Falls, which are considered more a series of rapids, is located in East Africa's adrenaline capital, Jinja, where hundreds of adventure seekers flock for white water rafting, kayaking and river surfing, fishing and bungee jumping.

The falls are located near what used to be Rippon Falls which was considered the Nile River's source, the longest and most spiritual river in Africa.

The Itanda Falls replaced the Bujagali Falls as the main white water rafting rapids after the Owen Falls hydroelectric dam was built. 

Kisiizi Falls

Located in Rukungiri, between Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the Kisiizi Falls are a brilliant stopover.

Water from the Kyabamba river plunges off the 27 m high cliff into a deep gorge. The waterfall is so powerful that visitors can feel the mist from 100 m away.

Zip lining over the forest canopy, crossing the new suspension bridge, bird watching, and nature walks in the surrounding forested area is just some of what's on offer at Kisiizi falls.

Other Falls in Uganda

Above are some of the best waterfalls in Uganda. However, a few honourably mentions are the Mahoma Falls and the Nyamiska Falls, which are included on many hiking trails in the crater lakes region near Fort Portal

The Wanale Falls located just 6 km from Mbale town, a thin stream of water that can be seen plunging 2000 m down a sharp rocky cliff face from afar, or the slightly further away Sisiyi Falls close to the Sipi Falls are a wonderful visit. 

Nkusi, Mpanga and Uhuru falls are also great additions to any itinerary. 

Waterfalls in Uganda

Walk along the Nile and enjoy a picnic by Murchison Falls.

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