What Being Brilliant Means

We believe that Uganda is one of the most exciting countries in Africa. 

Winston Churchill called it ‘the pearl of Africa’. But he was wrong.

A pearl is cold, hard and smooth. Uganda is vibrant, colourful and exciting. The welcome is warm; the ice clad heights of the mountains are cold. It is a land of infinite variety.

Our aim is to help travellers much more of Uganda’s attractions than the mountain gorillas for which it is so rightly famous. We want people to consider the whole picture, to stab a finger at the furthest corner of the map and ask: what can I do there?

We want you to come back time and time again.

We travel so as to explore, gain perspective and better understand our world and our place within it. As such our aim at Brilliant is to have you return home having seen, explored and felt. Uganda will invariably throw challenges your way. Our goal is to support you at every stage of your journey. We want to minimise the hassle that too often marres explorations of the country, and use our depth of knowledge to design and deliver once-in-a-lifetime adventures that burst with exceptional experiences. 

We hope you return home with a new perspective, having created memories you'll never, ever forget.

Why Brilliant?

We know Uganda

Our team has extensive experience in the travel industry. We've spent decades working in Africa, having lead groups through Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya or designing incredible itineraries to Rwanda and South Africa, it's a region we're extremely passionate about.

Of all the countries we've explored, and all the itineraries we've designed, there's something about Uganda that fills us with excitement whenever the flight ticket arrives marked destination: Entebbe.

Beyond the African continent, our thirst for adventure has taken us to the furthest reaches of the globe. We've explored the polar ice caps of Antarctica and the Arctic, and trekked the national parks of Patagonia. We've even developed marine conservation projects that are still in operation to this day. 

We're explorers. 

Of all the incredible places we've been, Uganda surprises people the most. Our customers often report how just another holiday became a trip of a lifetime.  Over the years, we've explored every corner of the country, and developed incredible relationships with dozens of incredible partners across the country. We still visit every year, and we hope to share our passion for the country with you, and create an experience you'll carry with you forever. 

About us

Uganda is home to half the world's mountain gorillas.

We work with a network of local partners

Tourism has grown considerably over the last few years in Uganda, stimulating an increase in the quality of hotels, operators and experiences, but it is still vital to choose your local partners with great care. 

A big part of what we do is search for the very best local partners across the country. We've developed close relationships with dozens of exceptional partners, from trekking specialists to private charter plane providers, we can match your requirements to a network of ground handlers that are perfect for you.

Plus, because we work directly with trusted partners in Uganda, your money goes to the local community.

Chimpanzee staring into the distance in Kibale Forest on Kibale habituation experience.

Get up close and personal with the chimps on a habituation experience.

On the cutting edge

We've explored every corner of Uganda and are working constantly to push the frontier of Ugandan travel forward. Working with our partners, we're always charting new territory as we try to unlock new experiences to add into our itineraries. 

We're constantly mapping out new trekking routes, evaluating new properties, and searching for the very best guides and drivers. There's lots of work left to do, but we understand the importance of crafting the perfect itinerary, and that means truly understanding everything that is possible within Uganda. 

About us

Giraffes under the amber hue of morning light at Murchison Falls.

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Brilliant says

We travel so as to explore, gain perspective and better understand our world and our place within it. As such our aim at Brilliant is to have you return home having seen, explored, and felt. 

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