Places to Stay

Kyaninga Lodge

About an hour from the Forest, the small, bustling, town of Fort Portal offers a great place to stay if you want to explore the foothills of the northern Rwenzori Mountains and the Semliki Valley as well as Kibale Forest. Kyaninga Lodge is an unforgettable story as well as an amazing place to stay. Luxury cabins constructed from massive eucalyptus logs, built by self-taught builders, line the rim of the Kyaninga Crater  looking down into the 220 metre lake below. 

Accommodation in Kibale Forest National Park

Mountains of the Moon Hotel

In town, the Mountains of the Moon Hotel, provides a less expensive and larger option. It is a refurbished colonial-era hotel that serves tourist, business and local clientele alike. If you prefer a simpler, backpacker style, option, then the Ruwenzori View Guesthouse is always a popular choice.

Accommodation in Kibale Forest National Park

Ndali Lodge

One of the most popular options in the Toro Crater Lakes area is Ndali Lodge in the Rwaihamba Cluster. Owner-managed and set on a tea-estate established by the same family in the 1920s, the lodge has a quirky, English-country house feel with beautiful views to the west and the peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Accommodation in Kibale Forest National Park

Primate Lodge

Of course, many visitors don’t want to just visit the forest, they want to stay there; experiencing the transition between night and day, becoming enveloped in the endless sounds of birdsong, insects, animals pushing through the undergrowth and the heavy drops of tropical rain.

If this is you, then Primate Lodge is the place to stay. Located just a 5 minute walk from where the chimp treks begin, Primate is a very comfortable lodge in the heart of the forest. Each thatched cottage looks out into its own area of forest, while the open dining area and sitting room looks out onto a forest glad full of butterflies when the sun shines.

Accommodation in Kibale Forest National Park