Guide to Travelling Solo in Uganda

Contents of our guide:

  1. 1. Safety
  2. 2. Benefits of travelling solo
  3. 3. Costs
  4. 4. Finding a trip that is right for you
Travelling Solo in Uganda

1. Safety

There is a general perception that the African continent is a dangerous and risky place in which to travel. It is a perception held by many repeat visitors contemplating a trip to a new region, just as much as it is by the first-timer nervously planning their long-for visit to the continent.

The warmth of the Ugandan welcome is famous; it is the people of the country that really make a trip. It is wonderful to be able to wander around a village or explore a bustling city market to get a real sense of the country. And in general, you can do this in Uganda. There are of course places in which it is not wise to walk unaccompanied, just as in any other country of the world.

Solo Female Travellers

The advice for solo female travellers is much the same as for any other solo traveller, with a few additional comments: 

  • Apply common sense and avoid wandering around alone at night
  • Ugandan women dress conservatively so we suggest doing the same with trousers/shorts/skirts that cover at least the knees.

2. Benefits of Solo Travel

One of the great things about travelling solo in Uganda is the ability to experience the country on your own terms and at your own pace. With a private guide and vehicle, you have the right amount of support to traverse the country with a specialised local guide, without being beholden to a group tour schedule and the interests of a wider group. 

3. Costs

The costs associated with private solo travel in Uganda will of course be higher than if you brought some friends/family along to split some of the fixed costs. The unavoidable costs are gorilla/chimp permits, guiding fees, scheduled light aircraft flights, and vehicle and transportation costs. You have more control on accommodation costs as Uganda has a range of properties available, ranging from budget to luxury options. 

4. Which trip is right for me?

For private solo travel, creating a tailor-made itinerary is the best option. This allows us to design an itinerary around your budget, interests, and travel preferences. 

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