Introduction to the Kazinga Channel

The Kazinga Channel is a wide, 32-kilometre-long freshwater channel that links Lake Edward to its smaller neighbour, Lake George.

Boat cruises are the best way to immerse yourself in the plethora of wildlife that lives in and around the Kazinga Channel.

As well as seeing a range of wildlife, you will get a glimpse of one of the eleven fishing villages that are located within the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The channel is a popular area for wildlife tourism within Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise

The African bush elephant is the largest living terrestrial animal.

Boat Ride Operators

There are two independent boat ride operators, the Uganda Wildlife Authority and Mweya Safari Lodge.

Both trips cost around $30 per person and take 2 hours. Mweya Safari Lodge gives tourists a choice between its comfortable ten-seater boat, The Sunbird, and its stylish twelve-seater boat, the Kingfisher.

Both vessels have experienced guides and crew, but the Kingfisher allows you to travel in luxury, providing refreshments and canopies to protect you from the sun.

Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise

The grounds of Mweya Safari Lodge are spacious and well-maintained.

Wildlife in the Kazinga Channel

The channel is home to a wide range of animals and birds, including one of the world’s largest concentrations of hippos (around 2,000) and countless Nile crocodiles.

Hippos are the world’s third largest land mammal, and they can be aggressive, so it is important to follow the instructions of your guide.

You can also expect to see elephants, buffaloes, and over 100 species of water bird, including the African Skimmer.

The Kazinga Channel is home to the African skimmer.

The Kazinga Channel is home to the African skimmer.

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