Wildlife Tours in Uganda

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Wildlife in Uganda


Uganda’s most famous tourist experience, tracking the mountain gorillas is arguably one of the top best wildlife encounters available anywhere in the world. 

Coming face to face with mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is a powerful and humbling experience. That is not hyperbole; it is fact. You can always spot trekkers who are returning from having been with the gorillas: even the strong and silent types are grinning and chattering like birds.

Where can I find Gorillas in Uganda: 


By no means a support act to the gorillas, Uganda’s chimps are a draw in their own right. Occupying different habitats to the gorillas and living within distinct social structures, the chimps are close to us - not just in terms of DNA. They have a dark side that enthrals just as much as their more charming characteristics.

Where can I find Chimpanzees in Uganda? 

Golden Monkeys

An endangered species that can only be found in four national parks in the world, these beautiful animals are much easier to track than the gorillas in Bwindi as they do not roam around as much.

Their name comes from the golden fur that covers much of their body and faces. An active bunch, you'll find them jumping around in the heights of bamboo trees. 

Where can I find Golden Monkeys in Uganda? 

Wildlife in Uganda

Big Cats

Uganda is home to a number of big cats including lions, leopards and cheetahs. While many of these majestic animals can be found wandering rogue portions of Uganda's stretching savannah grasslands, there are a select few national parks that provide the best chances of sightings. 

Where can I find big cats in Uganda? 

Wildlife in Uganda

You have to get off-road to find the lions and leopards.


Elephants are found throughout Uganda. There are around 5000 living in the country today, and populations are rising despite a global decrease in elephant numbers. That said, much work still needs to be done to protect this important animals from further decline (caused mainly by poaching). 

Where can I find Elephants in Uganda? 

Wildlife in Uganda

Uganda is one of Africa's most bio-diverse safari destinations.


Hippos are pervasive throughout Africa, and Uganda is no exception. Boat safaris are the best way to spot hippos along with other wildlife that flock to the watering holes during Uganda's drier seasons. 

Where can I find Hippos in Uganda?

Wildlife in Uganda


The Nile system is home to plenty of crocs, and Murchison Falls National Park has the highest concentration of crocodiles anywhere in Africa. Crocs, much like hippos and elephants, are ubiquitous on Ugandan Safaris, and watching these Mesozoic beasts glide effortlessly along the riverbeds, ready to attack anything that dares wander too close, is a humbling reminder of our own fragility. 

Where can I find crocodiles in Uganda? 

Wildlife in Uganda

Spot the crocs lakeside on boat safaris.

Antelopes & Buffalo

The savannah grasslands of Uganda are prime terrain for African Antelopes and buffalo. There are 29 species of Antelope found in Uganda. Both of these species are common sighting along game drives, although they are best seen in the dry season as they flock the watering holes or sit idle by the riverbanks under the shade of the savannah shrubbery. 

Where can I find antelopes & buffalo in Uganda? 

  • Antelopes and buffalo are found in all national parks with savannah. 
Wildlife in Uganda

Ugandan Kob and Bushbuck roam the savannah plains at QENP.


Uganda is a fantastic destination for bird watching. While there aren't many endemic species, there is tremendous variety in birdlife and the wet seasons (from March to May and again in November) bring a wealth of migratory birds.

You can find bird life everywhere in Uganda, but if you're searching for specific species, you'll want to hire a seasoned birding guide.  We can help arrange this for you.

Wildlife in Uganda

The Shoebill is one of the most sought after species for birders.

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