Adrenaline Activities in Uganda

White-water Rafting

Get wet. Scare yourself. Have an immense amount of fun. The rapids of the Nile river as it surges north from Lake Victoria have become one of Africa’s premier white water rafting destinations. Even the construction of hydro-electric dams can’t change this.

White-water Rafting can be done in Jinja, a small town on the shores of Lake Victoria where the river Nile flows upland.

It's typically included at the start or end of a south-western circuit, or to break up the transition from a safari in the south-west to continued adventure north towards Mount Elgon and the Kidepo Valley

Kayaking and Canoeing

The waters of the Nile at Jinja don't have to be experienced in the turbulence of a rafting excursion, it is also possible to kayak the white waters (experienced kayakers only please) or explore the calmer waters by canoe. 

The lakes Mutanda and Bunyonyi are another perfect place for kayaking and canoeing.

The lakes are a popular spot for R&R after a gorilla trek in the nearby Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and this area of a place of almost unimaginable beauty.  

Canoeing at Lake Mutanda.

Lake Mutanda's still waters are great for canoeing.

Mountain and Quad Biking

After a few hours cooped up in a vehicle on the road, there is little better than getting on your mountain bike as the sun is just starting to drop and heading off with your guide to explore the savannah on two wheels.

Mountain biking is available in the lands bordering Lake Mburo National Park and is a wonderful way to get close to plains wildlife like zebra and antelope without concerning them. You also work up an appetite for dinner!

Jinja isn't all about the water - you can also explore the riverside on half day quad bike excursions as part of your pre or post safari activities. 

In 2012, the Uganda Wildlife Authority opened mountain biking trails.

In 2012, the Uganda Wildlife Authority opened mountain biking trails.

Bungee Jumping & Hot Air Ballooning

At the lakeside town of Jinja, thrill seekers can also throw themselves from a height, confident that the bungee elastic will jerk them back to safety. This is not right for everyone, but it is certainly exciting.

A relatively new development in Uganda, hot air balloon flights are now available from the Paraa sector of Murchison Falls National Park.

Take off at dawn to rise above the savannah, the waters of the Nile and Lake Albert glistening below. Sound good?

Adrenaline Activities

Hot air balloons let you witness QENP from the skies.

Horse Riding

Lake Mburo National Park may only have one solitary lion, but it does have an excellent stable and beautiful horses based at Mihingo Lodge.

This is the only place in Uganda that you can ride horses and it provides a lovely way to experience the surrounding woodlands and grasslands. 

A horse-back safari is a unique experience. In most cases it allows you to get closer to the animals than if you were on foot or in a vehicle, as the wildlife is less intimidated. 

Adrenaline Activities

Amazing close: a dazzle of zebra in Lake Mburo

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