Mid-range Accommodation in Murchison

Twiga Safari Lodge

A unique option for travellers who want to try a different style of accommodation. Twiga Safari Lodge provides a contemporary take on a tented camp, combining canvas with solid construction.

Twiga’s accommodation is a blend of safari camping tents and thatched African cottages. Its 8 private cottages are located on the bank of the river Nile in Mubaako Paraa, opposite to the Murchison Falls National Park. Twiga is a five-minute drive from the ferry crossing to Murchison.

The lodge has a great view of the treasures of Murchison. Monkeys, birds, and even grazing hippos are frequently seen around the grounds of the lodge. In addition to offering free high-speed Wi-Fi and parking, the lodge has its own restaurant, bar, and gift shop. The service is exceptional, and the lodge has a relaxed ambience.

Pakuba Safari Lodge

Pakuba Safari Lodge is our favourite mid-range option. The three-star suburban lodge is situated on the east bank of the Albert Nile. The lodge is a modern incarnation of the former state lodge that was previously visited by Idi Amin, and its ruins can still be seen. Pakuba is a short distance from the Tangi Gate of Murchison Falls National Park.

After a fast-paced day at the Park, you can cool off in its outdoor pool or sip your favourite tipple at the lodge’s fully stocked bar. You may prefer to sit at your window and take in the scenic wilderness views. Fortunate guests may see beautiful animals such as a leopard, or even a giraffe.

All rooms have excellent views of the Albert Nile and the river provides a refreshing evening breeze. The lodge offers great value for money and its 32 Double/Twin rooms and 4 Family rooms are all spacious and furnished.

However, the lodge has little in the way of character and individual style that can make a property special. Travellers seeking a more intimate experience should turn to luxury lodges.

Budongo Ecolodge

Accommodation is available alongside the main road that runs between Masindi and Paraa. Of these lodges, the Budongo Ecolodge is our favourite. While these lodges do not have Nile frontage, they provide great access to the forests of Budongo, home to a myriad of birdlife and over 600 chimpanzees.

The Budongo Ecolodge, located 8km north of the Kichambanyobo Gate, is the most popular place to stay. Originally the research station for the Jane Goodall Institute, it has been renovated to provide a pleasant and comfortable base for forest exploration. The lodge offers activities such as chimpanzee trekking and forest walks.

The lodge has an intimate ambience. Budongo offers five comfortable cabins and four large dormitory rooms for larger groups. Its on-site visitor centre is very informative about the local area, and it showcases ancient fossils. The lodge’s craft shop sells handmade gifts to commemorate your stay.

Murchison River Lodge

Located across 30 acres on the southern bank of the River Nile, Murchison River Lodge is a family-run lodge which offers panoramic views of Murchison Falls National Park.

The lodge was established by Chris and Georgie, a couple who wanted to create an inclusive environment for travellers, regardless of their budget. The staff provide excellent service, and they are happy to share their knowledge of the local area.

The lodge is eco-friendly and runs off solar power, this includes solar water pumps for the swimming pool and solar lights. The on-site restaurant mainly uses locally sourced ingredients, such as buying its meat from a local butchery in Jinja. It offers a broad range of accommodation: thatched cottages, thatched safari tents, river tents, and a campsite.

Help Me Choose, The Lodges at a glance

Twiga Safari Lodge

  • Bespoke accommodation. Enjoy a safari camping experience under the comfort of a thatched roof.
  • Only a five-minute drive from the ferry crossing to Murchison.
  • High-speed Wi-Fi allows you to share your adventures with your loved ones back at home.
Mid-Range Accommodation in Murchison Falls National Park

Pakuba Safari Lodge

  • A complimentary English breakfast will fuel your day of adventures.
  • Its outdoor pool offers stunning views of the meandering Nile.
  • Excellent service, including complimentary room service.
Mid-Range Accommodation in Murchison Falls National Park

Budongo Ecolodge

  • Great location for exploring the Budongo Forest.
  • A terrace restaurant and bar provide a unique culinary experience in the depths of the jungle.
  • Its on-site visitor centre will answer all your queries about the local area.
Mid-Range Accommodation in Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison River Lodge

  • The lodge is ideal for environmentally conscious guests since it runs entirely off solar power.
  • Murchison reconciles comfort with awareness of one’s natural surroundings. The lodge is designed to help its guests connect with the ecosystem.
  • Excellent service, including an evening escort from the restaurant to your accommodation since hippos often wander into the grounds at night.
Mid-Range Accommodation in Murchison Falls National Park

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