When is the best time to visit Murchison Falls National Park?

Murchison Falls National Park is enjoyable all year round, but December through to February is considered the best time to visit the park. June to September is another great window to visit. 

Throughout these months, there’s little rainfall, which means the tracks leading you to wildlife during your game drives remain dry and accessible.

The dry season attracts animals to water sources, so it’s easier to spot them while out on game drives.

When to visit Murchison Falls National Park

When is the dry season?

The dry season falls between December to February, and then again from June to September. During this time, there’s plenty of sunshine and rarely any rain.

The park is equatorial, so it’s hot all year round. The temperature ranges between 25-32°C during the day and drops down to 18°C at night.

The temperature in January and February is sweltering, so be sure to wear light clothing and bring plenty of water and sun cream.

When to visit Murchison Falls National Park

When is the wet season?

The wet season falls between July and November, and again from March to May. During this time the landscape is at its most beautiful.

Murchison Falls National Park lies in a very dry part of Uganda, so it’s rare for the rain to interrupt your safari. However, the surrounding roads could be hard to travel on during this period.

While you’re still likely to spot wildlife, they tend to hide away and shelter during the rainy season. If you’re interested in chimpanzee trekking, the ground may be wet and slippery, so sturdy boots are essential.

Higher rainfall is more likely in April, May, and August through to October

When to visit Murchison Falls National Park

High and low season

The high season falls between June to September, as there’s little to no rain and lower temperatures. This tends to be the peak time for gorilla trekking, so there’s a lot of travellers in Uganda.

During June and July, there’s high competition for accommodation, so we recommend you book a lodge several months in advance of your trip.

The low season is March through to May, and October to November. Though you’re unlikely to experience heavy rainfall at Murchison, surrounding lodges may be closed due to bad weather.

The low season offers less competition for accommodation, meaning booking a lodge last minute is possible.

When to visit Murchison Falls National Park

What’s the best time to see wildlife?

The best time to spot wildlife in Murchison Falls National Park is December through to February.

For chimpanzee trekking, October through to January are the best months, due to the grass being short and fruits starting to ripen.

If you’re interested in birdwatching, we recommend you visit during the wet season. March is the best month to spot some of the 451 species of birds.

When to visit Murchison Falls National Park

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