What makes Hornbill Bush Lodge special?

Great Value: Part of the Woodland Lodges chain managed by Mamaland Safaris,  Hornbill Bush Lodge offers you a pleasant and budget-friendly stay close to the stunning nature that Uganda has to offer.

The staff: Truly the heart of the lodge - they supply excellent service, tasty meals and a comfortable stay tailored to your needs. 

Inspired by the wild: Near Murchison Falls National Park and the famous river Nile, the lodge has been built with the wilderness in mind. Its structure uses all-natural materials wherever possible. The result is a unique balance of style with a tradition.

Hornbill Bush Lodge

About Hornbill Lodge

Formerly known as Twiga Tales Lodge, Hornbill Bush Lodge is a part of a chain of lodges managed by Mamaland Safaris.

The aim of the lodge is to offer you a lovely and budget-friendly stay that keeps you close to nature. Hornbill Bush Lodge is a home away from home - a fresh glass of Juice in the morning and a wet towel to wipe away your dusty day on safari, the lodge welcomes you with open arms.

2017 saw the beginning of the construction of Hornbill Bush Lodge, after finding the perfect location close to Murchison Falls National Park and next to the famous river Nile.

A goal during construction was to create a safari-style lodge built with natural materials wherever possible. Each room has a unique balance of style with traditional architecture and locally made décor. 

Hornbill Bush Lodge

Rooms & Amenities

Hornbill Bush Lodge is comprised of large spacious cottages with a unique balance of modern style with a traditional architectural touch. Every cottage is equipped with your own private and cosy veranda to take in the breathtaking views of the Ugandan wilderness.

The lodge offers single, twin and double beds in their cottages, but a triple bed option can also be arranged at request. All rooms are fitted with mosquito nets and en-suite toilets. The lodge prioritises the environment, and all electricity supplied and water heated comes from solar power. 

Hornbill Bush Lodge

Activities at Hornbill Bush Lodge

There are many safari options available at Hornbill Bish Lodge, here are just a few of our favourites.

3 Days Murchison Falls Safari - discover the beauty of the park on drives to search for lions, giraffes, elephants and more. Then see the sights by water -take a boat cruise on the mighty river Nile to see hippos and crocodiles.

4 Days Murchison Falls Birding Safari - explore the surrounding forests, river and savanna,  guided by a specialized birding guide and tick off some of the birds on your to-see list.

8 Days Culture and Wildlife Northern Uganda Safari - pass by Sipi Falls and the Sebei tribe, continue on through the lands of the Karamojong people to arrive at Kidepo Valley National Park. Then make the journey southwards to Murchison Falls for a relaxing cruise on the Nile.

12 Day Big 5 & Gorillas Uganda Safari - see the Big 5 in Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park, then go trekking in search of the elusive mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. 

Hornbill Bush Lodge

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