Trekking options by location

When planning a gorilla trek, you must consider your journey to Bwindi. Bwindi’s remote location in the far southwest of Uganda means that travel time must be built into your itinerary.

2-day gorilla trekking from Entebbe:

If you're coming from Entebbe, then it's possible to fly in to Bwindi for a gorilla trek, and then return to Entebbe shortly afterwards. However, it's not possible to make the journey there and back, and complete a gorilla trek, in just 2 days. A trip similar to our Classic Fly-in Safari, or Luxury Fly-in Safari, would work well if you're short on time. 

The actual trekking itself is a one-day affair for most visitors, although you can do multiple treks in different parts of the park. 

2-day gorilla trekking from Kampala:

If you're starting and ending in Kampala, it's not possible to trek the gorillas in just 2 days from arrival in Kampala. It's a 12-hour round trip from Kampala, but 3 and 4 day treks are possible. 

2 Day Gorilla Trek Uganda

2 day trekking from the south-west:

Although gorilla trekking can be done as a standalone adventure, it is usually combined with other safari experiences in the south-west, including chimp trekking in Kibale Forest, safaris at Queen Elizabeth National Park, and some R&R at lakes Mutanda and Bunyonyi

If you're coming from these destinations, the gorilla trekking part of your trip is typically 2-3 days. The trekking itself is completed in one day, but you'll want a night at a good lodge before and after. 

2 day trekking from Kigali:

2-day treks from Kigali are a great option for travellers who want to squeeze several adventures into a short itinerary. 3-day and 4-day treks from Kigali are possible for travellers who want to do more than one gorilla trek, or who want to pack in some time to relax. 1-day treks are possible from Kigali, but they involve a very early start at 3am.

2 Day Gorilla Trek Uganda

Adult Gorilla photographed by the habituation team.

Gorilla trekking, at a glance

Deep in the south-west of Uganda, along the borders with DRC and Rwanda, mountain gorillas roam the dense forests. 

Bwindi is home to over half the world's remaining mountain gorilla population, and gorilla trekking allows you to walk amongst these giants. 

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is, in our opinion, the most remarkable wildlife experience in the world. 

2-day gorilla treks at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park work well as a standalone adventures, but they are often combined with other safari destinations in Uganda

2 Day Gorilla Trek Uganda

Mother keeping watchful eye on her young.

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