What makes Primate Lodge special?

For the most part, travellers flock to Primate Lodge due to its proximity the the park and the chimp trekking trailhead, which is just  few minutes walk from the lodge. There's something thrilling about staying inside the park, getting excited about the next day's exploration. Velvet and Colobus monkeys often wander out from the bushes into the lodge compound.

Fortunately, the lodge is a good standard, mid to upper end accommodation (depending on which kind of cottage you choose), so it's not all about the location. Kibale takes advantage of its position deep in the park is a number of charming ways; there's an open campfire on the main terrace, each cottage has good views of the forest (many are built on elevated platforms), and there are viewing decks and a private tree-house dining area. 

Rooms & Amenities

Kibale Lodge has 9 luxury cottages, and 7 standard cottages. Each cottage has an en-suite bathroom including a shower (with better than average water pressure!). All the cottages have decent to great views of the surrounding forest and private verandas. The luxury cottages are considerably larger than the standard cottages. 

The main compound has everything you'd expect from a modern lodge: a restaurant, bar, and lounge area. It also has a small library, Wi-Fi, complimentary room service and a laundry service. The service at Kibale Forest is in line with standard Ugandan hospitality, which is to say extraordinary. Staff really make an effort to make you feel welcome and comfortable. 

Primate Lodge Kibale

Chimpanzee trekking from Kibale Lodge

The main draw of Kibale is the chimpanzees, and Primate Lodge is the closest lodge to the action. Chimpanzee tracking is much easier than the gorilla tracking in Bwindi, and you can also join the habituation team and spend hours with these amazing animals.  

The high number of chimpanzees, the accessibility of the forest and the length of habituation makes Kibale the most popular places to track chimpanzees in Uganda. Although sightings are not guaranteed, you have over a 90% chance of seeing these fascinating animals. 

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Want to stay at Primate Lodge?

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