Introduction to the Rwenzori’s trekking circuits

Although the Southern Circuit was the route first followed by Professor Scott Elliott in 1895, it is the Central circuit, pioneered by Luigi di Savoia in 1906, that provided the only access to the Rwenzori Mountains for many years.

At Brilliant, we only organise treks for the Southern Circuit because it provides the best experience of the landscape of soaring peaks, stunning lakes, and glaciers.

This circuit also showcases the rich flora and fauna of the Rwenzori Mountains. The Southern Circuit is also a longer route that gives trekkers more time to acclimatise.

Our local partners have opened trails in previously inaccessible areas, and they work with local communities to understand the area and build strong relationships with the neighbouring Bakonjo villages.

Kilembe Trail

The Kilembe Trail

The Kilembe Trail is a 7-day trek which is managed by Rwenzori Trekking Services. The trail begins at Kilembe at 1,450m, and the first day involves travelling through the scenic mountain forest. You will spend the night at Kalalama Camp at 3,147m.

On day 2, you will set off at 9am and traverse the steep bamboo-mimulopsis zone on your way to Mutinda Camp at 4,688m.

Day 3 involves trekking through the Alpine vegetation zone which contains plants such as giant lobelias. You will spend a comfortable night at Bugata Camp.

On day 4, you will climb up the Bamwanjara Pass (4,450m) which offers spectacular views of the snow-capped peaks. You will reach Hunwick’s Camp which is perched on a ridge that overlooks Mount Baker.

Kilembe Trail

Day 5 builds to the crescendo of the trek, and you will walk up the Scott Elliott Pass on your way to Margherita Camp (4,845m).

Day 6 is the longest but most rewarding section of the trek and you will climb to Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley.

The hike begins at 4am because you must make it through the glacier before sunrise. Meltwater makes the glacier impassable during the daytime. The view from Margherita Peak will remain with you forever.

Day 7 involves descending through the valley on your way back to base camp.

Kilembe Trail

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